Saturday, February 6, 2010

And it Snowed and Snowed and Snowed

Well I was hoping the weatherman was wrong but I guess not.  We got hit with the major snowstorm that swept arcoss the mid-atlantic and east coast.  We ended up losing power for 6 hours, the house was freezing and I was never so happy to see the electric guys outside in the middle of a snow storm. My son was so excited to have the power back on I think he turned every light in the house on. 

Now my poor hubby has not had fun in this terrible weather...first having to walk home from work at 6am because he couldn't get our car out of the parking lot and then having to shovel 19 inches of snow out of our long driveway just so he could walk back to work which took him a half hour so he could then drive our car home this afternoon. 

I took my son out after the sun came out and the snow stopped so he could play for a little bit....This is our tree in our backyard and let me just the branches are not supposed to be almost touching the ground.  My son had a wonderful time playing outside though.


Payne Holler Cards said...

KWYM! I'm still up here at work, fortunately with power but DH is home with no power since 4 am - our neighbors have now joined him since we have two gas fireplaces. They cooked soup on our grill on the deck!!!!
My MIL lives in WV - but she's south in Logan, 87 yrs old but her mind is sharp as a tac! she's apparently snowed in down there with neighbors checking in on her - so far she has power!

I officially hate snow - we got 25"

Micki Switzer said...

Holy Moly!!!! I knew you guys were going to get it when it was such a hard and cold rain here.... what a storm!!!

Gina said...

Oh your poor hubby! I love snow pictures though and don't mind being snowed in, but losing power is not fun. Stay safe and warm!

jimlynn said...

Oh my gosh Carrie!!!!!!!! This is unreal....Hope yall don't loose power again. That just can't be fun.

Anne said...

Gosh that's serious snow! It's snowing here but jusr wet stuff that's melting on the ground, so far...

Keep warm my friend :)


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